Kurinuki Cup no. 10


Kurinuki cup for sake, tea, espresso, and sipping your liquor or liquid of choice. No two cups are the same, individually sculpted, carved, and hollowed from a solid cylindrical form of stoneware clay. The finished form and surface is a timestamp of intuitive mark making and a painterly application of glaze — resulting in a spiritual portrait of the maker in that moment.

large brown egg inside cup for scale

The Dimensions of Cup no. 10

  • Circumference: 7 ½
  • Diameter: 1 ¾"
  • Height: 1 ¾"

The Technique

Kurinuki is a Japanese term referring to the hand building technique of starting with a solid block of clay and hollowing it out to create an interior.

The Sculpting Process

Each cup starts as a solid cylindrical form of stoneware clay, individually shaped by hand.

1. I start by carving and stamping the foot, each with the AYZACO imprint and "B1" for "Batch 1".

2. After carving the foot, I intuitively carve and sculpt the exterior. Making various marks and indentations guided by the wisdom of the hand.

3. After carving the landscape of the exterior surface, I use the Japanese Kurinuki technique to hollow out the interior of each vessel.

The Firing Process

After carving, sculpting, and hollowing each form, every vessel undergoes two firing processes.

1. The first firing results in bisqueware, at this phase I intuitively apply stains in various colors and wax to resist the glaze.

2. Next, I individually finish each with a coat of clear glaze then finish the interior with a different color glaze. Without being too precious, I accept the dripping and other poetry glaze offers.

3. In the final firing the glaze becomes activated and solid resulting in the food and dishwasher safe finish you see in the photo.


Each Kurinuki Cup in Batch no. 1 is made with white, stoneware clay. They're finished with food safe oxides and glazes. Each cup would prefer handwashing but they are also dishwasher safe.