Ayana Zaire Cotton is a transdisciplinary
, and
whose current practice is rooted in the research of craft, technology, and liberation. Her past projects include DISTRIKT, a collective print publication platform showcasing the art, politics, and style of the DC metro area artist community and Zaire Studio, a fashion line as a platform for researching labor studies and aesthetics through textiles, photography, and storytelling.

  1. Wherewithal Research Grant Recipient, 2020-21
  2. Exercises for Emerging Artists Program – E17: Zines, Transformer DC 2020
  3. The Otolith Group — Xenogensis Salons, Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA), 2020 
  4. When I Get Home, Solange, 2019featuring the Zaire Studio Arm Cuff

  5. Style Dimension: Ayana Zaire Is Using Her Brand To Study the Link Between Labor & Black Women, Okay Africa, 2018 by AMARACHI NWOSU
  6. Free Style — The Best Looks at Afropunk Marched to Their Own Beat, Vogue, 2017 featuring the Zaire Studio jumpsuit worn and customized by Anthony Prince
  7. Transcending Limitations, TEDxUMD Conference, 2015

Ayana is currently working on Seeda, a Black cultural research project studying at the intersection of ecology, technology, and collective care.



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