In Order of Importance, 2017

A series of twenty-five line drawings tracing the hand. A study of the renewed romance we associate with “the hand” in the face of automation and modern craft. A study of the utilitarian folklore of “the hand” as the key to survival. A study of the importance of “the hand” to the human laborer. In the beginning of the series, the drawings are “celebrating” the wholeness of the hand. As the series progresses, the drawings get more complicated, the hand takes different configurations, and pieces of the hand disappear. In addition to exploring the future utilitarian importance of our hands, this series hopes to invoke a conversation about individuals with missing fingers and hands or lost of dexterity due to work related injuries. How does disability impact an individuals’ employment status? If drawing no. 1 is most important and drawing no. 25 is least important, this series features the hand as an omnipotent symbol of autonomy and worker pride while examining the forgotten stories of the hand as a casualty of work.