Kurinuki Cups Batch no. 1

Kurinuki, referring to the Japanese hand building technique of starting with a block of clay and hollowing it.

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In Search of New Forms, Carving Out Vessels

"One technique that fascinates me is called kuri nuki, or “carving out.” The potter will take some type of tool and slowly whittle into the clay to search for a form. There’s no throwing, pinching or coiling; just discovery by digging. The form is born from the clay more than created by the potter. It is a process that requires intuition and trust — and the results can be quite striking." — Clay Forms Waiting to be Unearthed, Robert Yellin

From The Journal

As I endeavor into this new medium, I've been thinking about enslavement, reconstruction, capture, and fugitivity — how vessels show up in our sense of reality and lived experiences. How often time craft was simultaneously what...